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Hours of Operation

We are located in Canyon Lake, CA


9:00 am - 5:00 pm Mon. - Fri.

Saturday by Appointment Only

Our Services

  • Boat repair
  • Regular Maintenance
  • We come to you 

Our Technicians examine

  • All systems, fluid levels, coolant water, oils (engine, trim tab, trim reservoir, outdrive reservoir, outdrive cavities, battery water levels, bellows, hydraulic cylinders, and accessories).
  • Steering, shift, gauge operation, checking for charging, proper oil pressure, proper temperature and any other gauge operations.
  • Remove spark plugs and perform compression test
  • Ignition components, distributor cap, rotor, plug wires, ignition coils and modules, primary wiring to micro switches and electric choke. Components are replaced as necessary and estimate given prior to any replacement of parts other than cap and rotor and points and condenser and plugs and plugs and fuel filter. Advance springs are visually checked for severe corrosion and then dwell is set is applicable.
  • Fuel filter is removed and checked for any debris, water or any other problems, carburetor problems or other fuel delivery problems will arise (this good indicator for the future). If debris is found we then remove the carburetor fuel filter as well and check for further contamination.
  • The engine is started and base timing is checked and set if necessary. Next and then advance timing is then checked for proper specifications.
  • Flame arrestor is removed and cleaned. Accelerator pump is checked for proper flow and choke operation is noted and adjusted accordingly. Notes will be taken at this time as to the general condition of the inside of the carburetor throat.
  • Idle mixture screws are checked and adjusted accordingly, idle speed is then set to specifications. Fuel filters are then rechecked for any leakage.
  • We also service your batteries, check with hydrometer and mark down readings on customer’s information sheet for reference. Batteries are topped off as necessary, clean terminals, greased and check for tightness. Cable end replacement may be necessary.